New blog post from Lisa Calle! Glad to read that CraftOptics is helping!

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Many of you know that I have  been struggling with some neck issues.  I have been told I have Cervical Facet Syndrome.  Part of my problem is how I have quilted for the past 10+ years.  I like to get my nose right down into my quilting…. this is NOT good for your posture.  I was on some pretty heavy duty medicine for the past 4 months.  I didn’t like the options that the western doctors had…. injections.  Now, I have heard they work great for some and not so great for others.  I decided to explore acupuncture.  I have had 4 treatments and am now off of the medicine.  While I am not operating at 100%, I feel much better off the medicine and hope to continue to improve…. which brings me to title of this post.

I purchased the CraftOptics glasses about a month ago.  I originally got…

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