Artists: Four Ways To Reduce Back & Neck Pain


An oldie but a goodie!

Originally posted on Magnify Your Talents:

Artists experience a great amount of eye, back, neck and shoulder strain as they tend to sit in fixed, sometimes uncomfortable positions over long periods of time (is this you??).


Some sit this way purely out of habit and simply don’t realize the uncomfortable positions they are forcing their bodies to accommodate…

What can be done??

1.   Be aware of your work environment and pay attention to pain


Artists can be so engrossed in their work that they simply don’t realize where the pain points are until it’s painful (again, is this you??).  Pay attention to the position of your body, the location of your tools, the height of your chair, and your lighting when you start to notice strain. Sometimes just being aware of the sources of strain will help you make modifications and eliminate them when they arise.

2.  Sit up straight


Use an…

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